Teaching Writing With Online Writing Courses, Lesson Plans, Tips & Prompts

Whether you're teaching writing or trying to learn how to write, know that writing is not a mythical force granted to a chosen few.

You can LEARN how to write. Teachers, you can ENJOY teaching writing.

My name is Elizabeth, and I'm here to help!

Through the pages of this site, you'll learn how to...

  • Face the dreaded blank sheet of paper

  • Organize your thoughts

  • Structure those lovely ideas floating around your brain into a coherent essay or paragraph

(Yes, you'll also learn some grammar and punctuation.)

Teaching Writing

Writing and thinking are closely related. If you can't organize your thoughts on paper, there is a good chance that your thoughts aren't organized in your mind.

Whether you like it or not, sloppy writing is a sign of sloppy thinking.

Clean up your writing and thinking. Come along with me and learn how to write!

What Does this Site Include?

Are you ready? Let's get started! We're* going to rock your world!

* Please note the we up there.

I can't rock your world alone. I'll provide you with information, motivation and hopefully a little bit of fun, but you need to use your own noodle to THINK.

As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. If you're ready to drink, I'm ready to lead you to the water.

Yee-haw. Let's get writing!

Teaching Writing

How To Write An Essay: The Writing Process
Learn how to write an essay! The writing process makes it easy. Use this to teach your students or yourself writing!
Writing Topics & Ideas: The Writing Process
Writing topics. You've got to have them to write your thesis statement and start your essay. Learn about the first step of the writing process here! Yay!
Brainstorming Techniques & Rules
Learn the brainstorming techniques and rules that will help you complete this second step in the writing process! I'll help you.
How To Write A Paper: Get Organized!
Learn how to write a paper. Here, we'll cover organizing and grouping your ideas so that you can create a fantastic essay!
How to Write An Outline: Rock Your Essay!
Learn how to write an outline so that you can write an awesome essay. This step makes it easy!
Writing a Rough Draft
Learn how to write a rough draft of your paper.
Editing Marks and Proofreading Checklists for Students & Teachers
Editing marks and editing checklists are key to teaching writing and writing a great essay. Learn more!
Sentence Structure: Topic Sentences, How to Write a Conclusion
Learn about sentence structure and how to write topic sentences and conclusions. I'll make it fun! Check it out.
Teaching Writing, Paragraph Writing, How to Write a Paragraph
Learning and teaching writing is a snap with these instructions for paragraph writing. Check it out!
Expository Writing and The Writing Process Made Easy!
These essay writing tips will help you with expository writing and clearly explain the writing process. I'll take you step by step through the wonderful world of essay writing!
Creative Writing Ideas to Help Teach Writing: Writing Prompts and Topics
Use these creative writing ideas, prompts, and topics to help teach writing.
How to Write Poetry: Sonnets, Haikus, Limericks
Do you know how to write poetry? Do you know how to teach it? Craft your ideas and feelings into sonnets, haikus, limericks, and more.
Writing Exercises, Resources for Better Writing
These writing exercises and lesson plans will teach you how to add a little character to your writing. You'll learn about transition words, parallel structure, fact vs. opinion, and more.
Correct Grammar, An Awesome Guide to Grammar and Writing
Learn how to use correct grammar with this guide to grammar and writing. You'll learn the 8 parts of speech, English phrases, subject verb agreement, and loads of other stuff.
Punctuation Rules & Writing Mechanics
Use these punctuation rules as a reference for your writing. You'll learn capitalization rules, comma rules, writing mechanics, and other good stuff.
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See a list of all of the pages on the Writing Lady website. Teach and learn writing now!

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